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Chicken For Sale

We grow Cornish Cross meat chickens, hatched at Sunnyside Hatchery in Beaver Dam, WI and sent to our farm as day old chicks. They live in a warm and protected brooder for 3 weeks before they move out to their moveable pens outdoors. The pens are moved to fresh new ground everyday and the chickens are fed Certified Organic feed. The birds have one bad day around 8 weeks of age and are processed at Pine Creek Processing in Ridgeland, WI. Check below for ways to bring them to your table.



Find our:

  • Whole Chicken


  • Feet, Backs, Organs


Pickup At The Farm

Please fill out the google form below to order and get pickup information. Thank you


You can order our whole chickens through Turnip Rock's website with delivery to the Twin Cities and St Croix Falls, WI. While you're at it, order some of the best CHEESE, veg, beef, and whey-fed pork in the area.

Delivery Dates:

2023/2024 Dates TBD

We are proud members of the St Croix Valley Food Alliance, whose mission is to strengthen and promote a thriving, resilient, and equitable local food economy in the St. Croix River Valley.

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